Subject area

Business Skills

Certificate Awarding Organisation

City & Guilds

Guided Learning Hourse

350- 472

Course Delivery

Blended / Online training with vitual classrooms

Who is this qualification for?

These qualifications are aimed at learners entering the Digital Marketing sector as well as those already working in these areas who are looking to renew their skills with formal training

What does this qualification cover?

Digital marketing used to use of digital media to attract and engage with current and potential customers, for example online advertising, email marketing, and search engine optimisation. The rich data generated enables granular analysis of what has worked demanding analytical and creative skills about those remanded in traditional marketing and advertising. There are clear pathways and optional groups in each qualification to support the learners journey into the sector.

Which opportunities for probation are there?

Learners can progress onto a variety of level 4 qualifications from IT and marketing to business and digital marketing. This can also lead to Employment and higher level training or degrees.

Units (Note: Not all the optional units are included in the table)

Unit Unit Name
1 Understanding the business environment
2 Understand legal, regulatory and ethical requirements in sales and marketing
3 Using collaborative technologies
4 Principles of marketing and evaluation
5 Develop own professionalism
6 Digital marketing metrics and analytics
7 Search engine marketing
8 Content marketing
9 Online display advertising
10 E-mail marketing
11 Imaging software
12 Principles of social media within business
13 Principles of keywords and optimisation
14 Content management system and website creation
15 Website software